Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I Compeletly Relate

When I get home from work I take my dog to the dog park. I change and we leave. He is used to this scenario so goes bananas when I get home; whining, jumping and the like. Today it is soaking rain (Fore those of you not familiar with Portland weather - that means that the rain drops are so fat I might was well shampoo out there since I will be soaking wet in seconds). Soaking rain means that I am not going to the dog park. mainly because I do not want to deal with a dog that wet.

If I do not immediately take him to the park, Ranger, nudges me whines and generally makes a nuisance of himself. Today though he gave up. He realized that he would not be getting what he wanted so now he is passed out. In so deep of a sleep his limbs are twitching.

That's how I feel lately if things don't go my way a nap seems like the best way to get over it.

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