Thursday, February 17, 2011

Flats! Flats? Flats.

So here is the first week of February. An extra challenge was handed to me this week, I rolled my ankle in a soccer game Saturday night, ugh the annoyance. And since I was house sitting I had picked out six outfits for the week, the following are not those outfits but instead things I mixed together with the 2 paid of flats I have that I can wear to work (not sneakers). ONe of these are a favorite new pair that I don't get as much wear out of as I would like.... the nerd shoes is what I call them.

(Dress Anthropologie, Scarf Anthropologie, Belt Gap, Shoes Bass)


Wearing bare legs to work in the middle of winter - Stupidest. Idea. Ever.

(Dress Nordstrom, Blazer Zara, Shoes Bass)

(Shirt Gap Body, Tank underneath Anthropologie, Skirt Nordstrom, Tights Nordstrom, Shoes Bass, Necklace Nordstrom)


This outfit says to me that I did not get enough sleep the night before and that I hate Wednesdays.

(Shirt French Connection, Tank Target, Capris Express, Shoes Urban Outfitters)


See totally redeemed myself, Thursday. Hair looks washed, make-up well done. I look ready to own the day.

(Turtleneck Gap, Skirt Nordstrom, Tights Target, Shoes Bass, Necklace Forever 21)

(Pants Nordstrom (they're supposed to be brown but have faded terribly it may be time for a replacement), shirt Ben Sherman, Cardigan The Limited, Necklace Forever 21, Shoes Urban Outfitters)

So there is my week of flats, I am sure I should have given the flats a longer run to heel my ankle, but it's all I could stand one week and then back to my regular programming.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

I've Always Been Like This

Obsessed with clothes and fashion. I have a co-worker and somehow all of our conversations end up being about hand bags and shoes. They don’t always start there and they don’t always stay there but they usually circle around to that point at some time in the conversation. Don’t get me wrong I can have intense discussions about a myriad of topics: hair, shoes, handbags (I prefer that to purse sounds much classier), world politics, religion, gowns, socks and animals.

I was however thinking back to walking along the street with my best friend at the time, I was eight, she lived down the street and we spent our time reading Sweet Valley High books (she even had the board game if I could only get a hold of that game….), she was in love with Luke Perry (my parents wouldn’t let me watch TV after 8 – alas a 90210 obsession was not be for me). And one day we talked about the importance of shoes. How they can make or break an outfit. I remember this conversation as we were walking along the road (I honestly can’t say that I was 8 at the time of this conversation I could have been older).

Another instance with the same friend I needed an outfit. I was going to an ice skating party. I liked to dress for the occasion so I decided on my stirrup pants (leggings) and a purple stripped shirt the only thing missing, which was essential to my ice skating look was leg warmers (I’d been watching a lot of ice skating and I am sure I had just watched “The Cutting Edge” and ice skaters wore leg warmers). I also recall being disappointed because the leg warmers and my purple shirt didn’t match (the leg warmers were more of a maroon). I persevered and wore them though, I mean I was the only one in leg warmers it was awesome! I can’t remember much about the party, or who it was for, I’m sure I spent most of the time clinging to the side of the rink and fell numerous times (leggings probably not the best choice).

Going even further back to Easter, when I was 4 or so I had the best Easter ensemble ever. And this probably explains where I got this obsession from. I had a poofy dress (with petticoat I am sure) it had pinafore (I think), a hat, gloves, ruffled socks, patent leather Mary Janes and a white hand bag. I looked adorable.

Unfortunately I was unable to find that picture instead I unearthed this one from a Christmas around the same time. I mean look how adorable I am. The bows match the dress. I’m freaking all about the joys of Christmas. To this day I do not feel like it is Christmas unless I have a Christmas dress.

And o it began....

Last Week of January

Hello again!!! I am back and posting, don't worry I've been diligently taking my picture daily. Still awkward. I mean really what is the best face to make when you are taking your own picture everyday? Smiling? Coy? Indifference? I really don't know so I have make several different faces. Also the best way to show the clothes verses the best way to make me look as skinny as possible. I mean is there one pose that covers both? I'm not sure but I am determined to figure it out. So here is the latest post. I should be fully caught up by the end of the week.


Yes, I do realize that the camera angle I use does make my legs look short. I'm working on it.

(Cardigan Scrapbook, Top Target, Pants Anthropologie, Necklace Target, Shoes Jessica Simpson)

(Top Target, Skirt Nordstom, Tights Nordstrom, Shoes Betsy Johnson, Necklace Target)

(Top Nordstrom, Skirt BCBG, Tights Target, Shoes Ross)


(Scarf Anthropologie, Dress Anthropologie, Jacket Rachel Roy, Tights Nordstrom, Boots Michael Kors)


Okay So I have to explain, when I left for work in the morning the dress was not that wrinkled, and my hair looked better and I didn't look like I barely crawled out of bed.

So to redeem myself I included the outfit I wore out later that night, after a quick shower of course I mean look how horrible my hair looks!

(Cardigan The Limited, Dress Old Navy, Tights Target, Boots Michael Kors)

(Purple top a gift (Thanks Ames!!)White top Target, Leggings Gap Body, Boots Michael Kors, Necklace Target)

And yes I recognize that I am literally wearing leggings as pants and I only have one defense I was house sitting without any jeans I had to shower and was meeting people for a dinner reservation so I did what I had to do. Felt a little ridiculous all night, so I downed a couple shirley temples and moved on with my life.

I was really happy with my eye make-up so I am sharing with you here. I'd explain how I do it but it is mainly just throwing on different eye shadows till I'm satisfied and adding liquid eye liner.

Oh and this last shot? I just thought I looked cute and I wasn't going to post because I thought that's a little self indulgent and then I thought hey isn't that what the point of writing a blog?
So this is just a little something for me.


Sunday, January 23, 2011

And To Get Totally Caught Up....

And with this post I am entirely caught up on picture posting. Ahhh .... the feeling of relief now those of you who were bugging me can reveal in the three post day.

Monday: I was not very happy with how the Monday outfit turned out. I like all of the pieces but the execution was off. If you will notice in the fist picture, this would look much better with the tank tucked in, I however could not find a belt to make this work out as it should. The lace top hits at just the top of my pants so it would have been perfect. The shoes I love and I felt that the outfit needed a pop of color. Also my hair had become super flat so Ignore that aspect of the picture. Now skip down to the last Monday picture.....

As you can see here, I know it is blurry but it is hard to take a picture of your own back. I was not wearing a black bra like I should have been, erroneously thinking that the tank top with such wide straps would have no problem concealing my purple bra, apparently I was mistaken. Super annoying when clothing doesn't work as you think it should. A black bra would haven't been noticed at all, this however....

(Lace top Nordstrom, Tank Target, Pants Banana Republic, Bra Betsy Johnson, Shoes Calvin Klein)

(White Top Target, Cardigan Nordstrom, Necklace Target, Jacket Nordstrom, Skirt Urban Outfitters, Boots Nordstrom, Tights Gap, Little green stone Necklace Twist)

Wednesday: Unfortunately the turtle neck shows in pictures that is really is stretch, yep that tip definitely not 100% cotton. I have to say one of the more irritating things about clothes, is thinking about not only how they look on but also how they photograph.

I love this second shot, it is supposed to show the details of the herringbone of the skirt but really I like because it remind of in the Wizard of Oz and the witch's shoes are poking out of the house.
(Skirt Target, Tights Christmas Gift from Mom, Shoes Nine West, Necklace Forever 21)

Because I want you to have an idea of how large the buttons on this skirt are a close up is below. They are one of my favorite things about the skirt and the huge pockets (I don't know why this is underlining and I don't know how to make it stop sorry!).
(Top Anthropologie, Jacket, Nordstrom, Skirt Anthropologie, Tights Nordstrom, Shoes Michael Kors)

(Top Target (I do usually saftey pin the between the buttons but I almost forgot to take the picture so I had to get redressed) Pants J.Crew, Shoes Nine West)


(Jacket Nordstrom Rack, Turtle Neck Gap, Necklace Banana Republic, Tights Target, Shoes Betsy Johnson, Watch Nordstrom Rack, Skirt Anthropologie (thanks for keeping me on task Lindz))

Alright, all have fantastic week, and I will just keep snapping away.

Week Two

Alright here we go.....

A slight disclaimer I got my camera to work - which is featured in some pictures.....and then it decided it had lived a good life and didn't want to work camera phone again, and then don't worry I replaced the dead back in business!


(Dress Anthroplogie, Jacket Rachel Roy (from Macy's) Boots Michael Kors, Tights Nordstrom)

Monday: This was the day of the BCS National Championship so I wore team colors!

(Dress The Limited, Cardigan Nordstrom, Necklace Target, Boots Michael Kors, Tights Target)

Tuesday: I would like to say that when I saw this coat I thought it was shorter more like a blazer, but it's not. So this outfit wasn't quite what I wanted it to be, there was supposed to be more skirt and I couldn't find the tights I wanted but I don't hate this so, win?

(Coat Anthropologie, Shirt Green UofO Shirt, Skirt Target, Tights Target, Booties L.A.M.B)

Wednesday: I don't this week was very green themed. Also the necklace was so heavy I had to take it off for part of the work day.

(Sweater Gap, pants (you can't see but they are very basic black) Gap, and shoes again very basic NYLA black boots, Necklace Banana Republic)

Thursday: As you can tell the camera had had enough so I was stuck with this. The skirt is a very nice plum color which you can't see from this picture, and the top is very cute, I know I'll wear both again, just not together.

(Top French Connection, Skirt Nordstrom, Boots Michael Kors (they look like tights but are the ones from earlier pictures))

Friday: For some reason I did not take a picture in this outfit so here is what I wore, it looks much better on. And the green is basically neon (not like the Kate Spade bag but nearly the same color).

(Cardigan A little boutique on NW 23rd (the one with the "grass" floor) tank Target and Jeans J&Co)

Sunday: Basically I put the sock and shoes on and needed an outfit that worked with that so I just started throwing things on.... I think it didn't turn out half bad.

(Cardigan Anthropologie, Infinity Scarf (grey) American Apparel, Skirt anthropologie, Top Ben Sherman (via Nordstrom) socks Gap, Shoes Nine West)

So there is two weeks, as you can tell from my dorky faces I hate standing alone with just me in the picture. I never know what to do. I mean do I smile like a fool, make some model pissed off face, pretend like the camera isn't there. I really don't know. All I do know if I feel foolish but a challenge is a challenge, so I will persevere and continue to take my picture daily.

(Also don't know if I mentioned this Saturday is my free day, mainly because I wear sweats all day while I run errands and the such - I do go out, but I am not going to waste my money buying multitudes of going out clothes - I mean I have plenty but really how many sequin dresses do you need?)

Saturday, January 22, 2011

The first Week

Okay I know I am totally behind - but don't you worry I have been taking picture everyday. Here's what I have discovered: Camera phones just don't capture all the elements you would like them to. Lighting is very important. I feel like a dork getting my picture taken all the time (good news by the end of the year I should be pretty good at it so then there won't be any bad pictures of me out there - I'll know all my angles).


We were sent a mass e-mail that we would have visitors and needed to dress professionally. Here is my interpretation.

(Skirt J. Crew, Tights Target, White button down Banana Republic, Blazer Target, Shoes Ross, Purse Kate Spade)


Yeah I know the camera phone is not the best option. You can't tell there is a pin strip in my pants and that they are a dark green (although to be fair until I tell most people they can't tell they are green either). Just thought this first shot looked cool.

(Cardigan Banana Republic, Tank Target, Pants Anthropologie, Watch Nordstrom Rack, Necklace Target, bronze Flats Urban Outfitters)


( Blue button down - Banana republic, Skirt Gap, Tights - sock drawer (no I really I have no clue), Boots BCBGirls, tank gap Body, Belt borrowed from my sister who got it from my mom)

Also upon wearing this outfit I decided I didn't really like all the much. A girl at work described it as "sassy" and I was like really because I kinda feel like I look I 'walk of shamed' it to work. Wearing his shirt that I belted and grabbed the tank I wore the night before - her response "Exactly."


The pants in this picture are actually high waisted and have this cool button thing going on, but I just pulled the sweater over the top.

Also this picture was kind of rushed I helped my friend pick out a dog at the humane society that night.

(Sequins shirt is from Saks off 5th, black pants are Antrhopolgie and the shoes are purple suede Steve Madden - and I should make take pictures when my make up is fresh and I don't look quite like I just want to crawl into bed)


Here is one of the many stupid faces I make when getting my picture taken alone for blog that categorizes my daily outfits. man I feel like a dork just writing that.

(Plaid shirt is Halogen (Nordstrom Brand) Target cardigan, skinny cords are J.Crew and clogs are Steve madden - and the dog is Ranger).

The rest is coming very, very shortly. I promise!!!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Per the comments I have received I must concede that there was something I failed miserably in (other than the crappiness of the pictures – which I am working on bear with me). I failed to list the clothing items in each shot. At this time I will just list the store where I found each thing (not the specific vendor/brands – unless I know them).

The New Years Outfit consisted of: Anthropologie Robe/Wrap Dress, black full length slip from Nordstrom (not going to lie probably one of the most comfortable New Year’s Outfit’s ever) grey tights from Nordstrom (BP department) and Nine West Shoes from DSW.

The earrings were a Christmas gift (Thanks Mom!) from Forever 21.

Neon Accented Outfit or New Years Day Outfit. Skinny (jeggings?) William Rast Jeans in a grey-y brown, black cutout heels from Ross ($15 what?! What?!) White button down from Banana Republic, boyfriend blazer from Target, pink scarf from the Gap.

So the bracelet/watch combo consists of Leopard Bangle (gift for being a bridesmaid, gold watch that was my grandmother’s, thick gold chain bracelet Ralph Lauren from Nordstrom and bangle with black ribbon, Forever 21.

The outfit in the mirror (I know I know sucks) this is actually a dress from Anthropologie (Merry Christmas to ME!) – the top part is a little see through so I am wearing a white cami underneath.

The necklace was a miracle find at Target for …… $14.99!

And the Shoes are seriously one of my favorite things on earth, they’re L.A.M.B.

Okay hope that rectifies that. And I will continue to work on better pics, maybe the camera isn’t a last cause and I can get it to love me again.

Sunday, January 2, 2011


Like most people I get sucked into the New Year’s Resolution trap. This year is no exception; I have made the usual resolutions, to lose weight to be a better person etc.... However I have added something new this year, a challenge.

The birth of the challenge, she was asking me how long I could go without repeating an outfit. I said I wasn't sure but I could probably go for quite a while. She then suggested that for the New Year I see how long I can go and then document it. So I am.

So here it the challenge, I have to wear a new outfit every day, this is excluding workouts outfits and when I throw on something to the mall on the weekends (I call this the weekend warrior, because I really just put on workout clothes with the assumption that it will eliminate any excuses to not go to the gym). In addition to this we have to make this a challenge, you know challenge; I had to find a way to limit my shopping. So I am now limited to purchasing 2 clothing items a month. This does not include replacement items, for example if my black work pant get a tear in them or become lost (what it happens!) those I can buy replacements of.

So there are the rules. (I haven't fully worked out all the exceptions - those will definitely be following as they come up).

I will be posting pictures of these outfits, I would say at the end of the each week (however I have to confess that I only have camera phone, my regular camera is broken and the lighting is not good in my bedroom - so I apologize in advance (I will accept any self picture taking advise I can get).

So here are the outfits to date:

New Years Eve (I haven't decided if I can repeat this since I was wearing when the New Year started but....I chose it in 2010):

Yeah that's right I wore a tiara, it said "Happy New Year."

The earrings:
The shoes:

The the next night I went out and wore you can see a hint of my new Kate Spade neon green bag (be prepared to see a lot of this bag).

My current bracelet, watch combination:

And Sunday outfit (yes the mirror was the best I could do):

One of my favorite necklaces,

And one of my favorite pair of shoes:

I am sure this project/challenge will shift and change as the year goes on (hopefully picture quality improves).

Happy New Year! May all you hopes and dreams come true and may you stick it out with your resolutions and may they make you happier than you've ever been!!