Thursday, February 17, 2011

Flats! Flats? Flats.

So here is the first week of February. An extra challenge was handed to me this week, I rolled my ankle in a soccer game Saturday night, ugh the annoyance. And since I was house sitting I had picked out six outfits for the week, the following are not those outfits but instead things I mixed together with the 2 paid of flats I have that I can wear to work (not sneakers). ONe of these are a favorite new pair that I don't get as much wear out of as I would like.... the nerd shoes is what I call them.

(Dress Anthropologie, Scarf Anthropologie, Belt Gap, Shoes Bass)


Wearing bare legs to work in the middle of winter - Stupidest. Idea. Ever.

(Dress Nordstrom, Blazer Zara, Shoes Bass)

(Shirt Gap Body, Tank underneath Anthropologie, Skirt Nordstrom, Tights Nordstrom, Shoes Bass, Necklace Nordstrom)


This outfit says to me that I did not get enough sleep the night before and that I hate Wednesdays.

(Shirt French Connection, Tank Target, Capris Express, Shoes Urban Outfitters)


See totally redeemed myself, Thursday. Hair looks washed, make-up well done. I look ready to own the day.

(Turtleneck Gap, Skirt Nordstrom, Tights Target, Shoes Bass, Necklace Forever 21)

(Pants Nordstrom (they're supposed to be brown but have faded terribly it may be time for a replacement), shirt Ben Sherman, Cardigan The Limited, Necklace Forever 21, Shoes Urban Outfitters)

So there is my week of flats, I am sure I should have given the flats a longer run to heel my ankle, but it's all I could stand one week and then back to my regular programming.

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