Sunday, February 13, 2011

Last Week of January

Hello again!!! I am back and posting, don't worry I've been diligently taking my picture daily. Still awkward. I mean really what is the best face to make when you are taking your own picture everyday? Smiling? Coy? Indifference? I really don't know so I have make several different faces. Also the best way to show the clothes verses the best way to make me look as skinny as possible. I mean is there one pose that covers both? I'm not sure but I am determined to figure it out. So here is the latest post. I should be fully caught up by the end of the week.


Yes, I do realize that the camera angle I use does make my legs look short. I'm working on it.

(Cardigan Scrapbook, Top Target, Pants Anthropologie, Necklace Target, Shoes Jessica Simpson)

(Top Target, Skirt Nordstom, Tights Nordstrom, Shoes Betsy Johnson, Necklace Target)

(Top Nordstrom, Skirt BCBG, Tights Target, Shoes Ross)


(Scarf Anthropologie, Dress Anthropologie, Jacket Rachel Roy, Tights Nordstrom, Boots Michael Kors)


Okay So I have to explain, when I left for work in the morning the dress was not that wrinkled, and my hair looked better and I didn't look like I barely crawled out of bed.

So to redeem myself I included the outfit I wore out later that night, after a quick shower of course I mean look how horrible my hair looks!

(Cardigan The Limited, Dress Old Navy, Tights Target, Boots Michael Kors)

(Purple top a gift (Thanks Ames!!)White top Target, Leggings Gap Body, Boots Michael Kors, Necklace Target)

And yes I recognize that I am literally wearing leggings as pants and I only have one defense I was house sitting without any jeans I had to shower and was meeting people for a dinner reservation so I did what I had to do. Felt a little ridiculous all night, so I downed a couple shirley temples and moved on with my life.

I was really happy with my eye make-up so I am sharing with you here. I'd explain how I do it but it is mainly just throwing on different eye shadows till I'm satisfied and adding liquid eye liner.

Oh and this last shot? I just thought I looked cute and I wasn't going to post because I thought that's a little self indulgent and then I thought hey isn't that what the point of writing a blog?
So this is just a little something for me.



Ariel said...

wednesday pose covers both. i learned that modeling in college to pay for groceries. if you put one leg in front of the other, it slims your hips and makes your legs look long, but still shows off your outfit.

ps super cute clothes.

Brooke said...

haha Thursdays outfit is so...intense. Well the look you are giving it is.