Sunday, February 13, 2011

I've Always Been Like This

Obsessed with clothes and fashion. I have a co-worker and somehow all of our conversations end up being about hand bags and shoes. They don’t always start there and they don’t always stay there but they usually circle around to that point at some time in the conversation. Don’t get me wrong I can have intense discussions about a myriad of topics: hair, shoes, handbags (I prefer that to purse sounds much classier), world politics, religion, gowns, socks and animals.

I was however thinking back to walking along the street with my best friend at the time, I was eight, she lived down the street and we spent our time reading Sweet Valley High books (she even had the board game if I could only get a hold of that game….), she was in love with Luke Perry (my parents wouldn’t let me watch TV after 8 – alas a 90210 obsession was not be for me). And one day we talked about the importance of shoes. How they can make or break an outfit. I remember this conversation as we were walking along the road (I honestly can’t say that I was 8 at the time of this conversation I could have been older).

Another instance with the same friend I needed an outfit. I was going to an ice skating party. I liked to dress for the occasion so I decided on my stirrup pants (leggings) and a purple stripped shirt the only thing missing, which was essential to my ice skating look was leg warmers (I’d been watching a lot of ice skating and I am sure I had just watched “The Cutting Edge” and ice skaters wore leg warmers). I also recall being disappointed because the leg warmers and my purple shirt didn’t match (the leg warmers were more of a maroon). I persevered and wore them though, I mean I was the only one in leg warmers it was awesome! I can’t remember much about the party, or who it was for, I’m sure I spent most of the time clinging to the side of the rink and fell numerous times (leggings probably not the best choice).

Going even further back to Easter, when I was 4 or so I had the best Easter ensemble ever. And this probably explains where I got this obsession from. I had a poofy dress (with petticoat I am sure) it had pinafore (I think), a hat, gloves, ruffled socks, patent leather Mary Janes and a white hand bag. I looked adorable.

Unfortunately I was unable to find that picture instead I unearthed this one from a Christmas around the same time. I mean look how adorable I am. The bows match the dress. I’m freaking all about the joys of Christmas. To this day I do not feel like it is Christmas unless I have a Christmas dress.

And o it began....

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Ariel said...

i have a picture of me, 18 months old, wearing a vintage dress, hand knit cardigan, and my sunglasses on upside down. i think people can change...but maybe not fashionwise :)