Sunday, January 23, 2011

And To Get Totally Caught Up....

And with this post I am entirely caught up on picture posting. Ahhh .... the feeling of relief now those of you who were bugging me can reveal in the three post day.

Monday: I was not very happy with how the Monday outfit turned out. I like all of the pieces but the execution was off. If you will notice in the fist picture, this would look much better with the tank tucked in, I however could not find a belt to make this work out as it should. The lace top hits at just the top of my pants so it would have been perfect. The shoes I love and I felt that the outfit needed a pop of color. Also my hair had become super flat so Ignore that aspect of the picture. Now skip down to the last Monday picture.....

As you can see here, I know it is blurry but it is hard to take a picture of your own back. I was not wearing a black bra like I should have been, erroneously thinking that the tank top with such wide straps would have no problem concealing my purple bra, apparently I was mistaken. Super annoying when clothing doesn't work as you think it should. A black bra would haven't been noticed at all, this however....

(Lace top Nordstrom, Tank Target, Pants Banana Republic, Bra Betsy Johnson, Shoes Calvin Klein)

(White Top Target, Cardigan Nordstrom, Necklace Target, Jacket Nordstrom, Skirt Urban Outfitters, Boots Nordstrom, Tights Gap, Little green stone Necklace Twist)

Wednesday: Unfortunately the turtle neck shows in pictures that is really is stretch, yep that tip definitely not 100% cotton. I have to say one of the more irritating things about clothes, is thinking about not only how they look on but also how they photograph.

I love this second shot, it is supposed to show the details of the herringbone of the skirt but really I like because it remind of in the Wizard of Oz and the witch's shoes are poking out of the house.
(Skirt Target, Tights Christmas Gift from Mom, Shoes Nine West, Necklace Forever 21)

Because I want you to have an idea of how large the buttons on this skirt are a close up is below. They are one of my favorite things about the skirt and the huge pockets (I don't know why this is underlining and I don't know how to make it stop sorry!).
(Top Anthropologie, Jacket, Nordstrom, Skirt Anthropologie, Tights Nordstrom, Shoes Michael Kors)

(Top Target (I do usually saftey pin the between the buttons but I almost forgot to take the picture so I had to get redressed) Pants J.Crew, Shoes Nine West)


(Jacket Nordstrom Rack, Turtle Neck Gap, Necklace Banana Republic, Tights Target, Shoes Betsy Johnson, Watch Nordstrom Rack, Skirt Anthropologie (thanks for keeping me on task Lindz))

Alright, all have fantastic week, and I will just keep snapping away.


Lindz said...

You forgot the skirt in the last one!

Dagny said...

This has been rectified.