Sunday, January 23, 2011

Week Two

Alright here we go.....

A slight disclaimer I got my camera to work - which is featured in some pictures.....and then it decided it had lived a good life and didn't want to work camera phone again, and then don't worry I replaced the dead back in business!


(Dress Anthroplogie, Jacket Rachel Roy (from Macy's) Boots Michael Kors, Tights Nordstrom)

Monday: This was the day of the BCS National Championship so I wore team colors!

(Dress The Limited, Cardigan Nordstrom, Necklace Target, Boots Michael Kors, Tights Target)

Tuesday: I would like to say that when I saw this coat I thought it was shorter more like a blazer, but it's not. So this outfit wasn't quite what I wanted it to be, there was supposed to be more skirt and I couldn't find the tights I wanted but I don't hate this so, win?

(Coat Anthropologie, Shirt Green UofO Shirt, Skirt Target, Tights Target, Booties L.A.M.B)

Wednesday: I don't this week was very green themed. Also the necklace was so heavy I had to take it off for part of the work day.

(Sweater Gap, pants (you can't see but they are very basic black) Gap, and shoes again very basic NYLA black boots, Necklace Banana Republic)

Thursday: As you can tell the camera had had enough so I was stuck with this. The skirt is a very nice plum color which you can't see from this picture, and the top is very cute, I know I'll wear both again, just not together.

(Top French Connection, Skirt Nordstrom, Boots Michael Kors (they look like tights but are the ones from earlier pictures))

Friday: For some reason I did not take a picture in this outfit so here is what I wore, it looks much better on. And the green is basically neon (not like the Kate Spade bag but nearly the same color).

(Cardigan A little boutique on NW 23rd (the one with the "grass" floor) tank Target and Jeans J&Co)

Sunday: Basically I put the sock and shoes on and needed an outfit that worked with that so I just started throwing things on.... I think it didn't turn out half bad.

(Cardigan Anthropologie, Infinity Scarf (grey) American Apparel, Skirt anthropologie, Top Ben Sherman (via Nordstrom) socks Gap, Shoes Nine West)

So there is two weeks, as you can tell from my dorky faces I hate standing alone with just me in the picture. I never know what to do. I mean do I smile like a fool, make some model pissed off face, pretend like the camera isn't there. I really don't know. All I do know if I feel foolish but a challenge is a challenge, so I will persevere and continue to take my picture daily.

(Also don't know if I mentioned this Saturday is my free day, mainly because I wear sweats all day while I run errands and the such - I do go out, but I am not going to waste my money buying multitudes of going out clothes - I mean I have plenty but really how many sequin dresses do you need?)

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Brooke said...

this is turning out so well, i really like the Sunday outfits...