Sunday, January 2, 2011


Like most people I get sucked into the New Year’s Resolution trap. This year is no exception; I have made the usual resolutions, to lose weight to be a better person etc.... However I have added something new this year, a challenge.

The birth of the challenge, she was asking me how long I could go without repeating an outfit. I said I wasn't sure but I could probably go for quite a while. She then suggested that for the New Year I see how long I can go and then document it. So I am.

So here it the challenge, I have to wear a new outfit every day, this is excluding workouts outfits and when I throw on something to the mall on the weekends (I call this the weekend warrior, because I really just put on workout clothes with the assumption that it will eliminate any excuses to not go to the gym). In addition to this we have to make this a challenge, you know challenge; I had to find a way to limit my shopping. So I am now limited to purchasing 2 clothing items a month. This does not include replacement items, for example if my black work pant get a tear in them or become lost (what it happens!) those I can buy replacements of.

So there are the rules. (I haven't fully worked out all the exceptions - those will definitely be following as they come up).

I will be posting pictures of these outfits, I would say at the end of the each week (however I have to confess that I only have camera phone, my regular camera is broken and the lighting is not good in my bedroom - so I apologize in advance (I will accept any self picture taking advise I can get).

So here are the outfits to date:

New Years Eve (I haven't decided if I can repeat this since I was wearing when the New Year started but....I chose it in 2010):

Yeah that's right I wore a tiara, it said "Happy New Year."

The earrings:
The shoes:

The the next night I went out and wore you can see a hint of my new Kate Spade neon green bag (be prepared to see a lot of this bag).

My current bracelet, watch combination:

And Sunday outfit (yes the mirror was the best I could do):

One of my favorite necklaces,

And one of my favorite pair of shoes:

I am sure this project/challenge will shift and change as the year goes on (hopefully picture quality improves).

Happy New Year! May all you hopes and dreams come true and may you stick it out with your resolutions and may they make you happier than you've ever been!!


Jamie said...

I am so excited for this. I think I might even start basing my outfits on your outfits.

Brooke said...

so far, you haven't repeated any outfits.
i'm so proud!

Lindz said...

I am so excited for this but you have to work out some better photos! Also, you have to name the items you are wearing - I've done fashion weeks and it is how it is done. XO

GLTaylor said...

Dagny I have a camera I can let you borrow.... that way we can get some real pics!