Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Just a little Shut Eye

I am deep sleeper. And by deep I mean my dog sleeps with me (I know gross what about the hair, I get it I should have kicked him out when he was still a puppy. I didn't he was adorable). I have tried to break this habit numerous times, but no matter how many times I kick him off and fall asleep with him in his appropriate spot of the floor I wake up with him under the sheets. I know I let him in my sleep and have no recollections of it. I can carry on conversation I will not remember in the morning. I am a deep sleeper.

In addition to this I sleep through the night. I don't wake up to pee to get a glass of water, to check my phone to see the time. I get into bed decided to sleep (fall asleep nearly instantaneously) and don't wake up until my alarm rouses me.

So when I complain about waking up in the middle of the night and people reply that it happens all the time I wonder how they live their lives on a day to day bases. I mean a rough night of sleep and I am thrown off for the entire day.

Such a night happened to me last night. I slept horribly. I tossed and turned and felt ill. No literally felt ill. I had a cough and a sore throat and was horribly sick. So in this deluded state I thought I better just e-mail work and tell them I am not going to make it. So I sent the e-mail from my phone to my bosses work email. Falling back in t my restless slumber knowing I was in for a day at home that would be crappy due to my being sick.

However when I finally did get up from bed I was fine. No cough no sore throat nothing. Yep I dreamt I was sick!! I was hoping in my deluded sleep that I did not in fact send that e-mail (I didn't) envisioning all types of typos and garbled words (I have an awful tendency on my phone to hit the letter 'v' instead of the space bar it can make things very difficult to decipher).

So there you have it a crappy nights sleep where even when I was sleeping I was worried about work and being sick. ( I know I know you are thinking what a whiner I get up in the middle of the night all the time - but hey cut me a break think about how thrown off you'd be if you got a good nights sleep).


Lindz said...

Knowing my luck I would have overslept thinking I had sent the email and then panicked when I woke up and was indeed just late. I used to sleep like you... now i have a husband who wakes up all of the time and has ruined my previous habits. A worthy sacrifice I suppose. Glad you're not sick, something nasty is going around.

GLTaylor said...

Oh what I wouldn't give for your sleeping habits! I cant remember the last time I got more then 4 hours of sleep, and let alone fallin right to sleep!