Sunday, November 14, 2010

Everybody Poops

On occasion one must use the restroom at work. And on occasion you need to use this public facility for a bigger job. You spend the majority of your day there (at work not the bathroom), and if you’ve never needed to use the bathroom then maybe you should get something checked out.

Today happened to be one of those days. As I entered the bathroom I noted my usual stall (come on like you don’t have a preference) was locked and no one was in it. This didn’t surprise me since I had noticed the day before that the water level was low in this toilet and chance of an overflow appeared eminent. I of course reported this immediately. Nothing worse than an overflowing toilet (well being the one to instigate the catastrophic flush as opposed to a witness would be the worst). So I moved to the next stall.

I would also like to note that out of usual courtesy to my co-workers I use the toilet a floor down (I don’t know those people). Today has been a busy day so I thought I’ll get this done fast.

As I enter the stall, set the paper on the seat and prepare myself a knock happens on the door. “Maintence!” Crap I think to my self – should have seen this coming. “Someone’s in here!” Was my disgruntle reply. I was tempted to hold it and leave but….thought hey I have to go.

Needless to say when someone is waiting for your exit, it makes for some uncomfortable eye contact avoidance.

I usually keep my personal business – you know personal – but I thought in the world where a private bathroom is not always your only option you (my readers – whoever you are) might appreciate my plight.

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Lindz said...

I only use the private bathroom at school for such occasions and Nick only uses the "coaches" bathroom. Remember in high school when some people would go home in this situation?!