Saturday, October 23, 2010


So I am not much of a consignment shopper, mainly because I am snobby. I smell things that aren't there, yet I am jealous of people who do score total deals. Also I think I am bitter because whenever I try to sell some of my clothes they always reject them, and I swear my clothes are better than the crap they have there all the time.

I do however thoroughly enjoy spending time with friends. So when my friend said she found the biggest consignment store in the state and asked me to tag along I was more than willing to go. I did not come prepared with clothes to sell (due to all my failed attempts in the past) I felt it wasn't worth the effort.

The two friends I went with however brought several bags between them to sell. And the reaction was fantastically humiliating.

As mentioned I am not a pro at consignment shopping, however I have tried several times, and my friends are pros, on in particular I think buy nearly everything second hand (and she has some good stuff!). I didn't find it strange that they had their things in bags.

This consignment store is all about efficiency though. They only take things on hangers - you know wrinkly clothes just don't sell. I did find the commentary unnecessary. When taking things out of my friends bag (which admittedly looked like they been living in her trunk for several weeks) they could barely conceal their sneers of disgust. And saying; "These wadded up things won't sell," was a little much.

My other friend had neatly folded her clothes and brought her hangers....rejected! Apparently sitting in the car for about an hour generates to many wrinkles as well. This leads me to believe that when I drive to work, the clothing I am wearing would be considered unacceptable.

My favorite comment was when they tried to sell shoes and the woman looked at my friend and said "Would you want to put your feet in here?" What is she supposed to say to that, well I used but not any more that's why I am trying to sell them to you.

Needless to say we walked with our heads hung down in shame, back to the car, dropped the stuff off. Then shook the humiliation off and headed back in. I mean we'd driven an hour to get there and it is the biggest consignment shop in the state!

I did not fully overcome my snobbery in regards to consignment shops (no clothes for me) but I did find this really awesome coach purse.

It was a pretty good day all in all and a good find for me!

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Ariel said...

i never bother trying to sell things, the people are as bad as jack black in high fidelity. but i do love to shop at consignment stores. if you can put in the time, its where you get the best things. i have gotten some amazing and beautiful clothes, and for super cheap. love it.