Sunday, October 10, 2010

When you know you made the right choice.

One of the most difficult purchases a person makes (after a swim suit) is jeans. They have become this all encompassing thing. You were them out at night you wear them to the market on Saturday and if they do not fit right then you might as well be wearing sweats. And if you ask anyone the most important thing you need to fit is the butt.

So I bought some new jeans recently. The pair I bought was on sale so you know that could go either way. Was I seduced by the fit or by the price? Sometimes when something is such a good deal it is a tough call.

The maiden voyage of these jeans was Friday. They went to work and then they went out with me. I didn’t think they were that flashy, just your basic medium wash, skinny jean (and not jeggings) that are super soft and stretchy so comfort was the main reason I purchased them. I thought the focus would be more on my shoes, or my jacket. The jeans stole the show.

First comment: “Hey, I never noticed that you have such a nice butt. But you have a really nice butt.” As most people would I shrugged I said “I know.” (And this was from someone I have hung out with multiple times and a dude).

Second comment: “Those guys we just walked past were totally checking your butt out.” (And they were black men – I don’t want to encourage the stereotype – but Sir Mix-A-Lot thoroughly convinced me otherwise).

Needless to say the pants were an inspired purchase. The only problem with the jeans is now I want to wear them all the time.


Lindz said...

And you aren't even going to share the brand!? Share the wealth girl!

Dagny said...

Oh sorry, Level 99 from Anthropologie.