Saturday, September 19, 2009

That Party Last Night Was Awfully Crazy

There is a reason why my friends are my friends, we all get each other on some different special metaphysical level. Yeah that's right, here's an example.

I was visiting a friend out of town and brought with me a mix CD. On my mixes there is typically one or two songs that I like but don't necessarily listen to every time. Also some people hate particular songs. It is there right. I personally can't stand Aerosmith's "I don't want to miss a thing", it drives me nuts. I like almost everything that Aerosmith does, I know it is weird.

Okay back to why A is my friend. We are listening to the aforementioned mix CD, when that song comes one. The one people always ask if they can change, complain about how retarded it is, etc. So I automatically reach to switch it. She stops me and says something like; "Man I love this song." Ahhhhh true friendship.

We are able to bond over lyrics like; "Pass out at 3, wake up at 10, go out to eat, then do it all over again, Man, I love college." Most people just don't get the simplicity and the beauty of those lyrics.

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