Thursday, April 29, 2010

You Almost got a Pass

I was out at lunch today and the overwhelming urge to be a private eye came over me. Or at least be able to take decent photos of people, when they have no clue that you are taking them.

So there I am enjoying a brief sun break when this guy starts getting out of the car, ass first. At first I thought it was a chick. I mean the butt that was coming toward me was a sweat suit, a velour covered one. I mean what would you think? I mean a velour sweat suit!? What guy would wear that? Well I am sure you can guess, that this was not a girl, woman - whatever this person was, it was not of the female gender.

It was dude sporting a velour track suit!

And then he pulled out a pair of crutches, and I thought okay you are injured I give you a pass on the fashion faux pas.

Then it was like brakes screeching in my head. Sure this guy would get a pass for wearing sweats, he's injured.

And then I remembered the velour part of the jump suit. Why does he even own this objectionable piece of clothing?

Not only is he a he wearing a velour track suit, he is wearing it like at least 5 years to late. I still would have judged a woman wearing this ensemble.

I would like to shout out to people still sporting this look, do you really think you look cool and put together? You don't you look like you belong in 2002. So just stop and welcome to the new decade!

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