Thursday, April 8, 2010

Am I what Trouble Looks like?

I guess this is the only thing I can really come to believe.

People are always telling me to be careful and safe. I mean always. And people that I barely know. I started a new job a few weeks ago and the first week I was leaving, on Friday. I said good bye see you Monday, as you do, to my co-worker. Her response to my, "Have a great weekend!" was a "Be safe!"

I mean I am pretty sure I told her my plans for the weekend included church and going to a movie with friends. I mean how much trouble could I get into?

It isn't just this incident, it has been all my life. People are constantly telling me to be careful and safe (and not just my parents).

What is it about me that make people concerned with my well being? I don't feel like I am living on the edge (I know I'm not). I don't do super crazy things (well not crazy to me at least).

What is it about me that screams DANGER!
TROUBLE follows this one?

Or am I totally misinterpreting this?


Ariel said...

there is a part i absolutely loved from the play the curious savage (besides the whole play which is amazing). a woman named mrs savage is telling her new friends "there are lots of ways people tell you they love you. like when they say 'watch out or you'll bump your head!', or 'don't forget to take an umbrella!'" :)

i am constantly telling my friends to be careful. but thats because they do crazy stuff. but after i tell them, they do be careful, and i'm glad because i love them.

Ben said...

Danger, it's your middle name... and and who's to blame you've got a puppy whose name be Ranger. It sorta kinda in a roundabout way rhymes.