Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Ugh Change the Station

You know those songs that you hate. And there isn't really any concrete reason for it? Sure the lyrics are ridiculous, most songs' are, and the tune isn't amazing or ground breaking but nothing truly offensive about it. Yet something about it just grates.

Right now that song is "According to You" by Orianthi. I hate that song. HATE it.

Generally speaking it is just you typical pop song about hating on an ex and finding someone who loves you for you. You know typical pop song. However the lyrics grate and I can't help but think about the logical of the situation.

Here is the gist of the song. She, the singer, had this ex who thought she was dumb unattractive and basically worthless. Umm....here's a question why the hell would you date someone like that let alone, hang out with them. I have met people like that in my life and you know how much time I spend with them? As little as humanly possible. You know what life is hard enough without being around those kind of people.

In addition to dating this crappy guy she also is writing an entire song telling him that she found someone who thinks she is great. Well okay that's awesome and all but why are you STILL hung up on the guy that treated you like crap 9otherwise why are you writing a song too him)? I mean he didn't like you when he was with you, what makes you think he cares that you found someone? Also he probably thinks your new guy is an idiot.

I mean honestly the whole things bugs. A guy thinks you are the scum of the earth still dates you and in response you write him a song? He doesn't care.

Although apparently I do, enough to rant about it.

(I refuse to post the video - if you must listen then search on your own).

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Ariel said...

i just hate pop music. i was just thinking, not 30 seconds ago, "if i hear 1 more lady gaga song this week, i will puke." i think i'm just allergic.