Monday, March 15, 2010

Does my ass look big in this?

Well, honey, I'm not sure if fat is what I would say, I can see your ass in that. And by I see I mean I think you need some new pants. When they say running tights they don't literally mean tights. Running tights are just really tight work out pants. like leggings but thicker and less see through.

I know I recently have mentioned people a the gym not wearing clothes, and this incident didn't happen at the gym. I ran in a race, one of those events that you sign up for and people go nuts for.

The person with the see through pants, wasn't trying to dress crazy like many people were, there was a guy in a teletubby costume. No this woman who I happen to be keeping pace right behind, where just wearing the see through pants, a regular long sleeved shirt and a tiara. If you had seen other people then you would know that she was tame in comparison. A guy blew past me sweating profusely but don't worry his wig and head band stayed firmly in place. I also don't think she was or is the worst offender (see previous post regarding becoming familiar with your fellow gym members waxing preferences).

Needless to say I feel safe in my criticism here. I debated for those five miles if I should tell her her pants are see through I mean surely she didn't know, right? And I thought I would want someone to tell me wouldn't I?

I have to confess I did not tell her. Something similar had happened to me once. I have this sweater dress and I usually wears leggings, or skinny jeans with it, it is covers my butt but is in that length where you ask your self shirt or dress (usually I go with shirt if that is a possible question). One time I wore it and thought you know I bet tights will be fine, they are opaque, it'll be like leggings. Well the butt part of the leggings was light pink and the sweater is a wider knit and this my ass was revealed. I was told but couldn't really do anything about it. And thus for the rest of the day at WORK, I had to be very conscientious of my ass. (I would like it to be noted I did check this out in the mirror before I left home. I need better lighting in my room).

So I decided not to tell her, I mean what is she going to do about it? Nothing, but she would know her ass was revealed and feel stupid for the rest of their race. Hopefully her friends told her on their way home last night.

So when you wonder what I did Sunday morning, it was stare at ass for 5 miles straight.


Ariel said...

Thanks for telling me my ass was showing that one time. You're always looking out for a girl :)

Ben said...

Two words: white spandex

There are some clothing items that are simply meant to be base layers for covering up and not as top/only layers. This goes double in a gym where you will be sweating.

Congratulations on your run.