Monday, March 8, 2010

Gym Rat

Recently I joined a gym. I joined one that has classes and a pool. I have belong to gyms before. The most recent one was more of a hippy kind of gym.

There was a patron there who I swear had been working out in the same shirt for the last 20 years. It was slowly falling apart from the bottom, and he wore those shorty running shorts that older guys sometimes wear. I would like to note that though the guy was definitely older he did have six-pack abs. So he'd been working out a lot over the years, and the shirt showed it. I worked out there for months and no one ever really talked to me, which I was fine with. I don't go to the gym for conversation.

My new gym on the other had is a totally different scene. My first day there I was wandering around checking things out, the work out machines, etc. I had not worked out yet, and was just walking around waiting for my class to start. This guy walks up to me, now let me give the full picture on him. He is shorter, not terribly fit, but not crazy outta shape, wearing a white t-shirt, black sweat pants and a black and white checkered scarf tied around his head. No not a bandanna type scarf the long rectangular kind. You like you wrap around your neck on a cold day. He gives me a head nod and then I move on. In my lap around the weight room, we meet again and he asks how my work out is going. I said good, even though I hadn't been working out.

I head into the class I was waiting for and he follows me in. Okay I don't know if he followed me in, but he came in shortly after I did. And then he barely made it through 15 minutes of the class.

This event has not deterred me from the gym though. I have returned and I am trying to take classes. Something that I think is important to note is that I played sports as a kid. Soccer, basketball, volley ball etc. I did not take dance classes. And now things are difficult for me in aerobic classes. I have gone to this Hip Hop Dance class and I suck. And there are people that are really freaking good, by the end of the class I can barely remember the steps we learned in the first 10 minutes let alone, put the whole thing together at the end.

The thing I most want to talk about it the out fit I was stuck behind today in Kickboxing. The girl had obviously taken the class before, she knew all the moves was really working it, and getting into the class, which good for her. I am glad she was enjoying her work out. You know what I wasn't enjoying about that class was standing behind her in her short shorts and basically seeing her lady bits.

I don't know how much you know about kickboxing but there is a kick that you do behind you and when you do this properly certain parts of you could be exposed. That is you are not wearing the right kind of bottom attire. She was wearing indecent bottom attire. And I couldn't look away. It was really ruining my work out, I was concerned what the people behind me could see and I was wearing pants!

I'll keep you posted on all the crazies I see at the gym, I have a feeling scarf guy and Miss I'm not ashamed of my lady parts will only be the beginning.


Ariel said...

sometimes people talk to me at the gym but i pretend i'm watching cnn and turn up my mp3 player. unless its jon and then we chat and part ways and seperately go about our work outs.

i cant get behind (literally or figuratively) people who are basically exersizing in the nude. for reals. i just cant get behind that.

Ben said...

I used to work in a gym and you wouldn't believe some of the things people wear/do at the gym. Even though it was a corporate gym, the summer was filled with women in small spandex shorts and sports bras. And don't get me started on what some men do in the locker room.

Anonymous said...

Bwahahahahaha! I had to restrain myself from laughing obnoxiously out loud at work when I read this. Oh please do keep us updated on the crazies you meet at the gym!