Monday, June 28, 2010

Common Sense

There are many things in this day and age that are difficult to navigate. Things are different than when our grandparents navigated the same waters were are swimming in now. There are differences from our parents as well. Some of these are choices we make in regards to the environment, recycling conservation and the like, are things that aren’t new to us they are accepted. We know about the dangers that tuna presents to dolphins and we buy our cans accordingly. We’ve stopped getting the paper and get our news from the internet – not only does it save on paper but it’s faster too.

We buy more hi-tech gear. Gone are the days when it is was acceptable to wear any only tennis shoes running. Now shoes are specialized. Something for each sport, for each foot. We have more choices and those choices need to be the right choice. If I purchase the wrong athletic gear I won’t be performing at my top potential. And this is essential I mean now that I am in my late 20’s it is time for me to make my move on the sporting world, right?

We have gone from casual Fridays to jeans on Fridays to casual everyday and in some offices jeans every day. So I understand it is hard to keep up with this world and what is the right choice to make, the appropriate choice. Like the right shoes there is a situation that you find yourself in and you need to make the right purchase to excel in that situations. So I ask you this is wearing a romper to an office the right choice. A romper, for those of who don’t know, is a one piece article of clothing that includes shorts and usually a strapless top. It can come in many different fabrics and colors, it remains shorts and top combined into one thing. Please see the example below.

Surprisingly, I like the romper. I think it seems great as a swimsuit cover up or to go out dancing in. I do not think it is the right choice for the office. It is like wearing basketball shoes to play soccer in. Something that isn’t comfortable and you will most definitely regret.

I understand with so many choices and option in the world today and with the lowering of restrictions in the work place it might be hard to decide what is the right thing to wear.

My advice is to look around, what is everyone else wearing? Shorts and tanks tops? Then feel free to wear the romper (you should only wear a romper to the work if you are a baby that works! So I guess if you work with babies this could be confusing). If people are wearing suits and professional attire, perhaps a pair of khakis? The romper is the wrong choice. You wouldn’t wear flip flops on a five mile run would you?

I understand the fear of the previous generations. The romper has justified this for me. If we loosen up a little bit what can we expect next?

Come on romper wearer, please don’t ruin it for the rest of us, I like my casual Fridays!

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