Monday, July 26, 2010

Better than a Cup of Jo

I run. I run in the morning. I run in the morning, outside on the pavement.

Most mornings there is nothing to see just the cars as they drive by and the bicyclists as they nod their heads in greeting on their way to work. Sometimes there are other runners that speed by or walkers that I pass. Generally the most exciting thing on my morning runs is the conversation and the occasional squirrel. This past week though has been full of excitement.

Along the road I run on there is construction. There are the usual things you expect to see like traffic cones, big machines that do who knows what, dirt and gravel. There is also a porta-potty (that is always unlocked when we run by although there are no workers on duty yet). My current a.m. running partner likes to tell me her bodily needs and so I usually point out that if her needs are great, a place to go has been provided. Assuming of course that she can deal until we return to her house, and so far she has.

One morning as we are running a car pulls up by the toilet. I thought it was one of the construction workers and didn’t really think anything of it until a woman got out made a bee line for the porta potty, and I can only guess, made use of the facilities. She exited and got in her car and right back on the road. So in case you need a toilet I guess those ones on the side of the road are (always?) unlocked.

So when I am running I am aware of cars, bikers, runners and the occasional pit stopper. However I can’t tell who is in the car nor do I really care. I really am in the zone, loud noises startle me. I haven’t met a runner yet who appreciate a shout out or a car honk as they are running. It’s startling and makes my heart jump. Also I can’t tell if it is a warning honk or a happy honk. I met with my least favorite “shout out” this morning.

I am at the point in the run where I know I have a little further to go I can’t see the finish but I know I will soon. I am focused on my need to get home and shower and get to work. My friend and I aren’t even talking just running. And this car drives by and rolls down the window and decides to show me what a douche bag he and his passenger are. In a piercing yell the passenger shouts out “SLUT!” Not only is this offensive (and untrue) it’s annoying as hell.

I mean honestly I have no clue who you are. I doubt that I have done anything that qualifies me as a slut (or my running friend for that matter). And shouting profanities at women trying to get their run on shows what a loser you are. I’m not sure if you were thinking that we were walk of shaming it, since we were in running clothes and we were you know running. Or if you think you knew us and thus honestly think that yelling at two women running first thing in the morning is the best way to start your day. I know it isn’t my favorite way to start my day. So thanks for that d-bags in the white car hope your day sucked

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