Monday, March 9, 2009

It Makes Me Itch Just Thinking About It

I can keep silent no longer. Jump suits stress me out. All I can think about are the inherent problems with them. Think about going to the bathroom. Do you really want to get naked every time you have to pee? Isn't this the reason most of us wear bikini's or tankini's now?

In addition to the peeing problem they just don't look cute. If you saw the Vogue recently with Blake Lively on the cover and took a peek inside the entire issue was a bout jump suits. Yves Saint Laurent had a sequined one, it wasn't cute. Also Blake was featured in one and I am pretty sure she didn't want to be photographed in something that made her look like there was a stomach pouch where I am sure there isn't one.

Jumpsuits make me want to break into hives. It makes me nervous. And I have a confession I usually succumb to fashion. I hated leggings and now I wear them. I'm just saying I may be getting naked in the stall next to you soon and that makes me nervous. In fact it makes me nervous if you are getting naked in the stall next to me. So let's do the world a favor and keep our tops on when we pee. Say no to the jumpsuit!

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