Sunday, August 30, 2009


I usually think that I like summer the best of all (as far as seasons go). Then Fall comes and I a remember how much I love it. There are a few things that stick out more than any other and are really the reason I love it, Fall.
I love when the air turns crisp and I can finally pull out my scarves and coats. I will hate these come spring, but right now I am longing to throw some leggings on and grab my pea coat and bright pink scarf. I really don't like summer style, there isn't much too it. Just a skimpy top and shorts, some flip flops and you are good to go. Fall takes some thought. How rainy is it? How cold? How many layers do I need? Does this purse fit over my coat? There is just a lot more thought and car that goes into the Fall wardrobe. I don't think I have really updated my summer clothes in years. The Fall clothes though I can update and add and subtract from.

Another thing that I like about Fall is the September Vogue. I wait all year for this issue. Once I buy it I don't read it right away. I need a full day just to really feel like I am satisfied reading it. There is a process to reading that issue. I flip through it backwards first. Then I go through it front to back reading the articles that grab my attention. The I flip through randomly again lingering on pictures and ads that catch my eye and my imagination. I may not be able to afford anything in the magazine but I have at least found the inspiration for my Fall outfits.

This isn't to say that I neglect the other September fashion magazine issues. I buy them all and savor the. There is just a special place in my heart for Vogue.

I like going back to school. I will not be doing so this year but I like the concept of it. The fresh start, the new year that is open to all sorts of possibilities. It makes me want to buy to pens and notebooks. It also makes me want to go back to school. And I think I will it might not happen this fall but I will be working towards that goal.

So goodbye summer, though I love you and would live to live in a perpetual state of summer I can't help but love fall.

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