Friday, August 28, 2009

Worst Decision of the Week

I decided I wanted to do something new with my hair. I'm trying to grow it our so no chopping, and wasn't really feeling a big salon spending spree, so dying my hair was out. I had read over and over again about this shine treatment that you could buy from Clairol. It is $9 and an easy at home thing. So I went out and I bought that container.

I opened it as soon as I got home and started reading the instructions. Now I should have known here that there was something wonky up with this treatment then. If it is just a shine treatment why am I wearing gloves and why does it have warning that if I get it on clothes or anything else I should immediately wipe with a damp rag. It didn't make me nervous I proceed to follow the instructions (if you have ever done an at home dye job it is exactly the same - just 10 minutes though).

I put a face mask on, paint my toes and then hope in the shower to rinse it off. My hair feels fantastic! I hardly ever blow dry my hair so I let it air dry when I go outside to read a book. I get ready for the night and my hair seems pretty shiny. Not miracle hair shiny but the light is definitely reflecting.

Here is the problem that I notice after I have completed the treatment. There is peroxide in this product. This is why you wear the gloves wipe things down, etc. And most importantly why it says on the box to start rinsing at EXACTLY 10 minutes, which I didn't do.

No big though right? I mean I've dyed my hair hundreds of times, in fact I am growing some blonde out from my ends as we speak.

The next day revealed the error of my ways. Now my hair is course and dye and I don't have any of the result that usually happens from this, lighter hair. Nope it is the same and on day 2 not nearly as shiny. Now I am battling with dried out hair.

So Clairol Shine treatment huge mistake.

The 3 Minute Miracle I used from the Aussie line left me feeling pretty good about life though.

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