Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I Know I Know it isn't Breaking News

I saw a picture the other day and I thought I should address it. The picture is actually the one below of Chad Michael Murray. Yes I realize he was on One Tree Hill and I realize that he does not look very good in this picture. Not the point as you will soon read, be patient. Here is the point: I like boys (men, whatever) in scarfs. I think it looks cute. I like the idea that he (the guy in question) had to grab something before he ran out of the house, he took some time to attend to the details. However, it can't be over done nothing too planned or coordinated. And I do mean cotton scarfs none of this silk stuff*. Just a casual scarf thrown on with your clothes. Doesn't even have to match, entirely.

I also particularly like the light weight ones that can be worn in warmer months. Those are usually worn on the hipster/emo guys. You know those guys that wear super tight clothes and are skinnier than most girls. Yeah I like scarfs on those dudes. or I just like how they style their scarfs (see below).

*Chuck Bass can wear whatever he wants.

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