Sunday, November 22, 2009

On the Radio

I hate disc jockeys. I have never listened to one and felt like I actually am genuinely interested in what they have to say.

I know that is harsh and I am not saying that there aren't good ones out there or even that the ones I have heard are horrible people. They just come across that way over the radio. Here are my two supporting arguments; okay maybe a little less formal than that here are two different segments I have heard on the radio in the last week.

A DJ was reporting on the recent accident involving a crew member that was working for Miley Cyrus. There was an accident involving one of the tour buses. A man was killed. Here is what I heard over the radio: "There was an accident with Miley Cyrus' tour bus. Oh but don't worry Miley wasn't on the bus she is perfectly fine. A bus driver died but she wasn't on that bus." Uh wait a minute that is how you announce a man's death over the radio? Don't worry the 16 year old singer who is totally fine, this guy died but don't worry you'll hear more songs about how Miley didn't get the memo.

I mean seriously it sounded extremely callous. I know he had to announce it but it could have been done much better, with way more class.

Here is the second incidence. The DJ in this case was encouraging people to check out this music video on the radio stations' web site. The band he wanted people to check out is Owl City (I do enjoy them so check them out if you haven't). Granted the DJ was trying to make sure people knew the band's name. However saying; "Owl as in Owl." Doesn't really get the point across and then when you can't even remember what sound an owl makes, you look/sound even more like an idiot.

This is why if you are ever in the car with me I am constantly changing the radio station and will probably end up listening to a CD. I don't need or want to have that kind of idiocy pumped through my car speakers.


sierra said...

not all radio personality are like that.....this obviously was one of the 'other' radio groups/1

Dagny said...

I think that it was. And I know that not all radio personalities are like that but it seems that those are the only one's I get to hear.