Thursday, November 26, 2009

Dear Vogue,

You know I love you but lately I just can't support you with my hard earned cash. It all has to do with your recent covers. I don't know why you are having an identity crisis after all these years. Why are you putting sub par covers out there? I am more drawn to Elle and Bazaar. I don't even expect the high drama you get from a W cover but I expect glamour and fashion. Something I feel has been sadly lacking. Here is my evidence Vogue:

I know it seems like this cover is fine, but it isn't. There are so many things wrong with this. Yes, these are pretty good looking dresses. Here is the question why do these actress look less than their best? I know you can't always take a great picture every time. And it would be difficult to get all the actresses looking good in the same photo. Here is the thing though I watched "The September Issue" I saw what you are capable of, putting a head on a different body choosing which neck was better than the other one. So you can't tell me that you can' make the best body pose go with the best face shot.

This is the cover that really brought my attention to your problem. Yes this is a gorgeous picture and it is everything I could want from a Vogue cover except it looks like part of a photo shoot and you just couldn't find a cover shot so you stuck this on the cover. In fact it reminds me a Town & Country cover I've seen. is that what you are trying to go for Vogue, Town & Country?

I have one question: When did Charlize Theron become a model for Ralph Lauren?

Again the smallness of this picture is probably perplexing you as to why I picked it. Look closer why does Cate Blanchett not look so great? What is with the lighting or make-up on her face? I have seen better of Cate and of you Vogue. Also this is the December issue yet if I didn't know that I would think it was July or something definitely not a winter month. And December should sparkle, it is the holidays.

And how boring is this? All white with a belt? Looks like another Ralph Lauren ad. Where is the fashion, the drama?

So Vogue I expect better out of you in 2010. I know you lost advertising pages and your September issue was smaller. I get that times are hard, but isn't the cover what draws people to you? I think you would want to make the best showing that you can. So just do better, be better.



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