Saturday, December 5, 2009


It isn't a secret that I love shoes. There is one style that I really can't abide though: The Kitten Heel (for those of you confused look at the photo to the right).

I mean what is that? It isn't a flat and it isn't a real heel. I know those of you have seen me in my heels are rolling your eyes and thinking Come on, Dagny, not everyone can walk in four inch heels. A fact I do not dispute. However, I think it would be better if you just submitted and wore flats. Also they don't have to be super high a two inch heel would be better than that.

I mean honestly look how horrible they look on.....

Granted these aren't the most attractive shoes to begin with, yet look how they shorten the leg and make these models ankles look sorta thick. If you don't see that then I don't know what to say. I have seen a perfectly good calf ruined by a pair of kitten heels.

I know they are sorta comfortable (I don't totally agree I always forget that I have a heel on it is so small). Let's do our ankles a favor and fight any resemblance to the cankle that we can. We owe it to our smokin' hot legs.


Ariel said...

i like kitten heels because they always make me feel like audrey hepburn. until i look in a mirror and weep.

Dagny said...

I think it because she didn't have a fat part of anything on her body.

Ariel said...

are you calling me fat dagney?? :)

i'm just kidding. compared to audrey, everyone is fat.