Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Tis the Season

I'm not a huge fan of Christmas. I know shocker!

There are a few things I do like about Christmas. I like buying things for other people. I don't like making a Christmas list and waiting to see if people bought me the things I want. I have very specific tastes. Some people might call that high maintenance but i just call it knowing what I want. It's not that I want super expensive things. I just know what works for me and what I want to incorporate into my life.

Another thing I love other than buying people presents is the mall. I just like being there at Christmas time. It is packed and there are lines and crying children and men with that sinking in an ocean look. I love it. I know some of you started to break out in hives when I started describing all that, sorry. I mean I love the mall most of the time, there is this smell and energy about new stuff that I love. Sometimes when I enter I just want to skip. Christmas time is the best though. All the sales and sweaters and people!!

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Ariel said...

i'm kind of the same, minus the mall. not a huge fan of christmas. my favorite part of christmas is being rediculous with my family when i get to visit them, and if not that, then i pretty much forget its even happening.