Tuesday, November 3, 2009


There are somethings that drive me nuts. One of these is my winter arm hair. Yep, that is right I said winter arm hair is a specific season that I don't like my arm hair. In the summer it is fine. My skin is tan and the hair bleaches out I hardly notice it. It begins in the Fall, the tan begins to fade and then I notice my arm hair.

As a side note this did not begin to bother me until college. It all began with a friend of a friend, she mentioned shaving her arms. I have never been one to shy away from trying new things when it comes to beauty. I have dyed my hair blond at home, dyed it darker, used to do my own highlights etc. Anyway, I shaved my arms. Whoosh that feels better, like a weight lifting off my shoulders. Confession is good for the soul.

So back to the point, I shaved my arms and I liked it, for about a day. See the thing with shaving is that your hair grows back and it comes in prickly. And there isn't anything attractive about that. Also I missed spots and that is so freaking annoying, just staring at these patches on your arm.

I stop shaving my arms and have been annoyed with my winter arm hair ever since. Until last week. I was at the store and needless to say I had been thinking of my receding tan and that led to thought about my hair. And I thought why haven't I tried something like Nair on my arms. A depilatory cream (makes the hair disintegrate). I had used Nair on my legs in High School didn't like waiting for it to take effect and it totally stank.

Deciding to check anyway I cam across Veet and it promised that it smelled like aloe and white jasmine. I tried it. And let me tell you that I totally LOVE it. It didn't smell awful it worked faster than the Nair I used in the past, and most importantly I don't have prickly arms.

Good Bye arm hair.

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