Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Time for Sweet Country Air

Every year my family head out for a week long camping trip. We go with several other families. When I was a kid it was great there were three other kids my age. So every year we would do whatever we wanted in the woods. Some days hiking, others swimming at the lake. It was great. That is where my family is headed tomorrow.

The thing is though as the years have gone by people stop coming. It gets kind of sad. The glory days are over. We keep going and it is only sad memories of what used to be. In a way I want to give it up but I don't think I am ready to.

As a kid I always thought that I would get married and start bringing my kids up and so would my friends. Only one of us has kids right now. I drive out tomorrow and part of me wants to stay behind. Let the memories be as great as I remembered them. The other part recognizes that this camping place is one of my favorite places in the world.

Something about it makes me feel like I am home. Not that I could ever live there its to far away from everything. We'll have to see what happens after this week. I might swear it off forever (probably not).

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