Saturday, October 17, 2009

An Easy way to Change it Up

I love love love doing my nails. I like painting them. I like finding crazy colors to paint them (not yellow though it makes me think of dead fingernails). I found that you could have metallic nails I had to have them. Thus I became Beyonce-fied. I am pretty much down to try anything, on my nails that is.
Something I don't understand is people who are afraid of certain colors or looks on their nails. I want to shake them and ask what they are afraid of. It isn't permanent in fact it is one of the least permanent things you can do to your self. People paint their small children's nails. I mean it smells but other than that there is nothing lasting about it.
This is actually my annoyance with nail polish. I hate taking it off and putting it back on. Probably because I can never find the nail polish remover. Mainly this is due to the fact that I like my nails to be painted all the time. That way you can't see any of the dirt I might get under them. The only thing I don't like about painting them is the time it takes to dry and the need to do absolutely nothing while they do dry. You need like a 2 hour block of time. I have solved this by doing them progressively over the work day. Also buying those nail polish removers that allow you to remove the polish from one nail instead of pouring it onto a cotton ball and ruining all of your nails. The one thing I don't like about nails is I don't like getting them done. I honestly don't feel like a manicurist does that mush better of a job than me. I mean sure if I am getting fake nails they are necessary but for just polish I can do it all on my own. Also what is the deal with their colors. People come here to get their nails painted!!! Have some crazy variety, and I don't mean different shades of red and pink, spice it up!

Hmmm..... who knew I could write so much about nails?

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