Sunday, October 4, 2009

We're in a Recession, Right?

I had perplexing experience the other day. My friend and I decided that we wanted a new make-up look. A day look to be exact, one that make it look like we are wearing make-up, something to mix into the rotation. I didn't think it would become the adventure that it did.

We started at Nordstrom, Mac the destination. We get a salesperson/make-up artist to help us. Her make-up is like most people that work at Mac, over the top and colorful. She proceeds to do my friend's make-up first. It was pretty basic browns and what not. Not anything crazy fancy, yet there was something off about it. When it was my turn I said I wanted something navy and gold. I got browns and teal. And definitely didn't love it.

It should also be noted here that the salesperson failed to sell anything other than eye shadow. We said day look not just eyes, but the whole deal. She failed to mention anything else, well that's not true she offered my friend lipstick, not me though. no blush, no foundation, nothing. Good thing I'm not her manager.

Dissatisfied with our look we next headed to Ulta, and couldn't find anyone to help us, although in Ulta's defense did have a line at the register. It was here that we saw a look that we wanted to try out. So we headed back to the mall and this time went to Sephora, inside JC Penney's. We found someone to help us and she told us that she could give a ten minute tutorial on how to do a smoky eye or show us how to apply foundation and cover up. Umm thanks? (I have a whole rant on the smoky eye, that I will have to get into at another time.)

We leave and go to another mall. We are going to try Sephora, not one inside of JC penny's. here we are told the same thing, but we feel that we are armed with the look we saw at Ulta. Apparently at this Sephora, they don't actually want to help you. I swear we were extremely clear about what we wanted, nope she did not want to help us. So we left (another person who should be glad I'm not her boss). She went so far as to say we should just you tube what we wanted and learn that way. Um we wanted you to show us what to buy and you want us to leave and go home and look it up? Okay?

Back to Nordstrom. Mac was busy so we found a salesperson working the Nars, counter. She finally helped. At this point I was done. She only did my friend's make-up. It was fine, better than the first try. This person failed to sell as well. Until asked. It was a little ridiculous.

And this whole time I thought we were in a recession. Guess I was wrong, these stores obviously don't want my business.

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