Sunday, October 25, 2009

Oh so we are doing this now?

When did the lingering hug become the thing?

And I am not saying for close friends, I expect to linger then. I mean when you see someone you haven't seen since high school and you were never in a "hug" relationship with them. Or your friends step mom you see once in a while. Is it the appropriate thing to linger with everyone now?

Was there a memo I missed?

Now I feel bad when I pull away. Should I have held in there longer? Do they think that I think that they smell? That I don't like them? Maybe I am the one doing something wrong. Am I in some way encouraging the linger, the extra squeeze?

1 comment:

Ariel said...

i save my lingering hugs for people i actually want to have lingering hugs with. for everyone else, i just act really awkward so that they let go.

who decides these things? i wish there was a rule book or something.