Tuesday, January 26, 2010

It that Really Necessary?

I was listening to the radio this morning and it made me think. I heard this clip; "really I was just looking for an excuse to break up with him." There are 2 things about this that bother me. Her boy friend ended up cheating on her with her best friend; first of all you are staying with a guy who would cheat on you. Why? Seems like reason enough to me. Also she has a crappy best friend. However why does someone need a reason to break up? So three things.

I don't mean break up because things are going great and you are super in love with the person. I mean the, I'm just not feeling this anymore, the thrill is gone (this does not apply to people who are married, you are committed in my mind - there was a point when you in love so work on things). I am talking about dating someone. I get this idea in theory, no one wants to be the jerk that dates people and then breaks up with them for no explainable reason. And it would totally suck to be dumped like that. However if the person you are dating can't explain why they don't want to be with you they just know that they don't, wouldn't you rather be dumped rather than marry someone who isn't a hundred percent crazy about you? (And I mean normal healthy crazy, not I want to skin you and wear you as a coat crazy.)

I think in the short term it would suck hard core to be dumped like this but in the long run...
so much better.

The question remains; how do you break up with someone when all you really want to say is - Hey, I like you as a person and you are great, I just don't want to hook up with you anymore, cool? Lame but true.

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