Friday, January 8, 2010

She's Watching You

I have this friend and she is pretty freaking hilarious and a little nuts but that is probably why i like her. She also apparently fancies herself a spy. So we are out to dinner a few nights ago and she tells me this fantastic story about how crazy she is. I love it so I have to share it.

She is working on a project with some co-workers and one of them insists that he has to leave at 5:30 he cannot stay later. This strikes her as odd since he always stays at the office late. Although she doesn't dwell to much on it until she goes to leave.

In the parking lot is another co-worker sitting on her phone in her car. I know doesn't sound like much of a crazy coincidence does it? As background story the female is married and recently promoted, she works under the guy who had to leave at 5:30. (Note from here on out they man will be referred to as 5:30 and the girl as Married - cause she is). Still my friend thought she has picked up some weird vibes between 5:30 and Married she doesn't think a lot about it until she notices the direction Married is headed out of the work parking lot.

What does my non-normal, non-sane friend do? She FOLLOWS Married. Yep, she follows her.

(Next step getting that camera for concrete evidence)

Apparently she, my friend know where 5:30 lives. And that is where Married is going. My friend already has an excuse in place in case Married questions her, she was just heading to her mom's house. Like my friend is the one with adultery problems, a cover story is just safer I guess.

Now you are probably thinking this is the end of the story, nope. She, my friend follows up the following by bringing up the exact same scenario she believes her co-workers to be engaged in as a story about a friend of hers. Just to gage Married and 5:30's reaction.

I love my crazy ass friends!


Courtney Kay said...

I don't know who you are talking about, but I L.O.V.E. this person.

Kristine said...

I love this story, and I think I'd love your spy friend! That's exactly what I'd do in the situation. :)

(Hi, Dagny! I found your blog from Ariel's links... You're welcome to blog-stalk me back if you'd like, but I'll need your email to send you an invite.)