Saturday, January 2, 2010

A Letter to the Girl Working at Noah's Bagels

Dear Blonde Chick with the Evening Eye Make-up,

I know you think you are pretty cool and cute. I'm not saying you aren't, I am saying this thought. You aren't fooling anyone. I know they are fake. And by they I mean your earrings.

I don't want to say never, but I am saying it. Those Chanel earrings are total knock offs. You were wearing a zip up fleece, it wasn't a Northface. There is no way you could afford those earrings.

So I have this question for you, why are you wearing earrings that are so obviously fake? You could have worn the standard cubic zirconium studs and I would never have noticed. Instead you had to flash that Chanel logo in my face. And make me want to write you this letter.

It isn't just you I would be annoyed with anyone wearing logo earrings. I honestly hate logo anything; bags, jewelry, pants, shoes. i just can't support it. I feel like it lacks creativity.

Anyway back to you. How do I know they are fake? Well aside from the non-name fleece there is the glaringly obvious fact that you are working at Noah's Bagels. It is possible you have a moneyed boyfriend, but wouldn't you parlay that into a Nordstrom career?

That's really all I have to say. Have a good shift, and keep it light on my cream cheese!

Your Friend,


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