Saturday, January 23, 2010


The other day I was shopping at the mall and I saw a shoe that I believe to be an affront to women's feet everywhere. No, it was not the crocs, those are affront to every one's feet, men women, children and my eyes.

Here they are:

I know you are probably thinking; But Dagny they sparkle there are sequins, they look fun and kicky, I want them! Well I wold ask you what the hell was on the toe of your shoes. Is that a bow some lopped sequined fabric? What is it? Why does it not lay flat?

You probably can't tell how awful they really are, so if you want a closer look go to and look at Kate Spade's women's shoes and zoom in. There are more touches that make the shoes not cute, the brown piping, but mainly it is just that thing sitting on top of where the toes are.

I may have offend some of you think these shoes are great, and I'm not sorry. They are just not cute. In the interest of full disclosure I have to admit that I don't really like Kate Spade to begin with. I know she has bright colors and whatnot, but she is so basic and plain. I know that is kind of the point but I just can't get behind that with my money.

And I know that I really dislike these shoes.

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Ariel said...

these shoes are what i would wear if for some reason i was dressing up as a hooker in the 80s at a costume party. but was making my costume really expensive. and believable.