Wednesday, February 24, 2010


My roommate in college came up with this concept, idea, whatever and I still to this day find myself doing it.

Here is how it all started, well from what I know, maybe she had been doing this for years and she never told anyone until me. She was walking across campus and it was a whatever kind of day. I don't remember it being fabulous or horrible or any of those types of things that make a day stick out. It was just your regular run of the mill trek across campus. If I recall she was feeling a little blah.

Then she came up with this concept to fight the blahs and feel a little better about herself. She thought what if there was a camera filming me right now? How would I walk? How would this cross campus walk look? What would I be doing differently if there were camera's here right now? And then; "3-2-1 ACTION!" Was born. She didn't just think this thought she acted on it. And you know what the answer to that question was; she walked a little taller, with more purpose, she stopped looking at her feet straightened her shoulders and put a little swagger in her step.

And then she came home and asked if she was crazy, her sister had told she was a little weird. I disagreed I thought it was a great idea. So anytime were were doing anything and we felt like we needed a little something more. One of us would turn to the other and say action. And just like BAM, we were super stars. Sure it might have been a little fake but eventually that over bright smile became a little more natural and we laughed at stupid things. I mean how do you act when you are doing homework and there is a camera on you? Or when you are washing your face?

Right now - ACTION! Did you just sit up a little straighter, debate about biting your finger nails as you read, brush your hair back or arrange yourself on your bed a little more coquettishly. I did and I am sitting her typing in some patterned green leggings, an over sized grey shirt I either sleep in or work out in (it read reads "Friday Harbor" across the front), and hair fresh from the shower. Definitely not a film worthy outfit.

So if you are feeling a little down and your walk is need of something extra then think "3-2-1 ACTION!" and you will be that much closer to your movie star moment. I know I''' be thinking about it on my next stroll from my desk to the bathroom. My [ponytail will have that extra bounce it needs to really complete my outfit.


Ariel said...

i just realized i've been doing this my whole life without realizing it. :)

Kristine said...

I still love this. It's really the mentality I adopted after seeing Stranger Than Fiction. I tend to see myself more as the protagonist in a novel than the leading lady in a movie, but either way, it makes life much more exciting.