Wednesday, February 17, 2010


I know what?! Right? I was browsing the doll section at Target the other day. I like to keep up on what barbie is wearing and wondering what career choice I should be aiming for. Anyway I happen upon the most terrifying doll I have ever seen. Okay maybe not scarier than Chucky, but this is still completely creepy. It is called Harumika. And it looks like the this:

I don't know how well you can see the face on this doll. Zoom in if you can. She has no eyes and no hair and a wig.

It is supposed to be a doll that increases creativity, you create the clothes she wears with the fabric provided and there is a slit in her back that you can "lock" the fabric in better with. But she has no face, just a white doll, they are called mannequins so I guess they aren't going for your typical doll, but they do have names, so I'm confused.

I don't really get the point either, or maybe I'm just not that creative. How much can you do with a strip of cloth that doesn't involve sewing. I mean you can reuse it again and again, so there is that, but you can't really make pants or anything and from what I have observed, watching the video provided on the website ( I mean it seems like I was a. already doing this with my Barbie's and I would rather get more clothes.

It is just a creepy, creepy doll.

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