Saturday, February 20, 2010

Mystery Solved

It isn't any secret that I love fashion magazines. I generally love all women's magazines, well I'm not a huge "Good Housekeeping" fan, but I'll check it out if it available. Gossip Mags are fine, but I really love those fashion magazines, the ones with ridiculous clothes and articles about arty movies, and the like. So my favorites, since I am sure you are wondering are; "Vogue," "W," "Harper's Bazaar," and "Elle." And then there is what I like to consider a subculture of the Fashion Magazines, the women's magazines, the ones that are really intended for your single girl, in her mid twenties to mid whenever she stops wanting to reading the articles on how and where to catch a man.

These magazine amuse and annoy me. They really don't have a category. There are fashion spreads, articles on what are the latest and greatest books, movies and music to check out, health and beauty articles, workouts you name it is probably in there. There is one type of article they are particularly known for, sex articles.

The best part of these is the headlines on the cover they are generally ridiculous. Although they are effective you do want to flip the magazine open and see what they have to say. I personally think that "Cosmopolitan" is the best of these magazines. Take a look at the current cover with Carrie Underwood on the cover.

If you look there in the upper left hand corner you can see the headline, tag line whatever; "How to touch a Naked Man."

Now I don't want to talk about how these articles are making us as women feel inferior if we aren't attached to a man, I think that has been covered by people who feel passionately about that subject (besides the point that I think that it is women that buy these magazines by choice - if you don't like it don't buy it).

Anyway, what I want to talk about is how ludicrous these articles are. I cannot speak for the particular article, "How to touch a naked man" but I have read multiple articles like this before mainly for the very reason I want to know what they had to say. I mean can you tell me honestly that you have no desire to see what someone wrote on how to touch a naked man. I mean how did they fill up an entire age on this?

After seeing this cover I have done an informal interview of men in my acquaintance just to see if I was completely erroneous in my assumption. I wasn't apparently it is simple, just touch him. I just saved you $3.95. I can' say there aren't better suggestions in there I haven't read it and I probably won't.

I have read my fare share of articles like this though so I am pretty sure that I will be just fine not reading this article. I mean I read the one about what guys are thinking. And I don't want to say that men are transparent, I honestly don't think they are, but when you break the article into what they are thinking in certain situations it really isn't that hard to figure out. I am a little embarrassed to admit that I read an article that told me what men are thinking when they watch porn, yep that is right apparently there are people/women out there who don't know.

I could go on and on about the different topic that they have, "The hour men most want sex" who knew there was one hour more than all the others? I think on every cover of Cosmo there is the word "sex" in extremely large font. And lets be honest once you or I read the article it really isn't all that fabulous. It never enlightens me to something I didn't either know, suspect or really cared about in the first place.

Just in case you were wondering what that article about what he most wants to see you wearing don't bother (he wants to see you in nothing) it isn't going to give you the answers you really seek.

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Ariel said...

when i was a teen my friends read cosmo and i couldnt figure out if it was a marketing campaign to make me hate myself and other women or hate men.

now that i've gown up though i can see that there are much better ways to spend that 3.95. like on some dark chocolate. or some hummus and pita.