Friday, February 12, 2010

Happy Happy Valentine's

You probably don't know this but I am going to tell you anyway. I LOVE Valentine's Day! I know weird right? For a single girl to not be all bitter about it, right? Honestly though I do like it. There are hearts and pink everywhere. And there's candy! Maybe that's why I like it I have a soft spot for conversation hearts. And I really do love conversation hearts.

One thing I also like are cheesy loves songs. I had a friend in college and she just loved love songs. If people asked her what type of music she liked the answer was loves songs. Pop, country, rock whatever it was as long as it was a love song she liked it. So here are some love songs that will make you smile. At least they make me smile.

On my way to work today I heard this little gem.

And I also heard this the other day and found it enjoyable. Not the best song but I still like it. The beginning of the video is pretty good too.

Man why are love songs so awesome - especially the horrible ones? I'm not saying there aren't any good loves songs out there. There are. Well all know some of them and probably disagree about others. I just think that cheesy songs fit better for the holiday.

I do like the following as a long song though. Just the right amount of cheese with some heart.

And finally via an Outcast shout out I wish you all a Happy Valentine's Day! Embrace the cheese and fall in love with Valentine's Day!


Cody said...

There are actually very few "love songs" that I like, but one of my favorite kind of sappy "love songs" is Summertime by The Sundays. You should check it out.

Ariel said...

you should listen to the song "songs of love" by ben folds. its pretty awesome. in fact, maybe i'll link it to you, as a valentines day gift: