Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Aren't you afraid that your Mother will read that? No, okay then.

I like rap/hip-hip/R &B music. There is one thing that fascinates me about it though. The lyrics that they write. Well I assume they are written and the artist isn't just in the studio and spouting off random words (I am not a hundred percent convinces of this - WHAT!? I'm looking at you Lil Jon, OKAY!)

What constantly astounds me are the content of the lyrics they do write, the sexual nature of them. Did the rapper overhear a conversation and think great I can write a whole song based on this. For example a personal favorite from the summer, "Birthday Sex." Yes, the lyrics are pretty horrible they include this line "Don't need candles or cake just need your body to make...Birthday Sex." Yes, it is literally a song about giving a girl nothing but sex for her birthday which I am sure she loved, more than presents.

My question is where does that lyric come from? Were you thinking about what to get you girl for her birthday and were like hmmm..... jewelry might be nice, nah. What about a nice dinner, nope she eats all the time. I got it! I'll give her sex! And then where does the jump go to writing a song about it.

There are hundreds of options for this idea; "from the window to the wall to the sweat drop down my balls." I mean honestly you just wrote about balls!!! How do you do that?

I also love the songs that seem all romantic and nice and then you listen to the lyrics....

Just in case you missed it, the hook to this is "I want to make love in this club." I mean really? How romantic and sweet is that?

I just want to know the thought process behind these songs. Does it go something like this; does it talk about women? check. Does it address how much I want them in bed? check. Does it include taking clothes off? check. Will it make my mom uncomfortable to hear me singing these lyrics in a concert, on the radio or any other public forum? Absolutely. And bingo folks we have a hit!

It isn't that all songs are like this some of them are very clever. "Treat you like you're from Milwaukee, send you Green Bay Packin" Okay maybe not the most clever line but it always makes me smile. Also this one, "I'm roasting marshmallows on a fire, and what I'm burning is your attire."

In all honesty I really do love this music even when it is crappy, then it is just makes me laugh at the ridiculousness of it and it is always great to dance to.


Cody said...

Is this some sort of test to see who is really dedicated to reading your blog Dagny?

Can I at least get a cryptex?

Ariel said...

does it make sure to in no way treat women as people in a single lyric?


Cody said...

Just found this website and thought of this post: